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Category: Video

VLOG: Couples & Relationships Under Lockdown

19th April 2020
Couples and Relationship under Lockdown How are you both doing? How couples are doing and what are their relationships like under lockdown? Join me Azah Yazmin and my colleagues Gulya...

VLOG: Family Work Life Balance Under Lockdown

11th April 2020
Family Work Life Balance under Lockdown Today my guest and I will be talking about Family Work Life Balance under Lockdown. Posted by Azah Yazmin: Couple Counsellor and Emotionally Focused...

VLOG: 8 Things To Help With Stress & Anxiety Under Lockdown

4th April 2020
I spoke about 8 things you can do to help with the stress and anxiety under lockdown. This was my inaugural FB live. I was nervous in the beginning but...
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