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Our therapists are trained to help you with a variety of different problems and will utilise different therapeutic modalities depending on individual need.

Individual concerns

Whether you are struggling with relationships, mental health, addictions, life transitions, trauma, breakup, grief or sexuality, we are here to help. Our experienced therapists can help you feel better about yourself, provide you with tools to help soothe anxiety, and provide a safe space to discuss difficult emotions. You may be going through a life transition such as a breakup, divorce, loss of a job or bereavement and need someone to help you through that stage in your life. Or you may be thinking about changing things and trying to make a decision on what to do next. We can help you work through difficult emotions such as guilt and shame, grief and loss, fear and sadness. We can also help you to work through issues from the past such as dealing with traumatic events, any disruptions in attachment growing up and past or ongoing interpersonal difficulties.

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Relationship concerns

Relationship concerns

You may be struggling with communicating with each other, arguments seem to get out of hand or you seem to not agree on anything anymore. You may be in the beginning of your journey and considering getting married or making a commitment in some other format and may wish to strengthen your relationship and identify any problem areas. Or you may have been together for a while and struggle with a loss of desire or other sexual difficulties, maybe you have gone through an affair. You may even be at a point in which you are considering separating or getting a divorce. Whatever stage you are at in your relationship or what you are struggling with, we can help you move past the difficulties to help your relationship flourish.

Family concerns

Has your family been going through a difficult time together? Is one member of the family especially struggling, which may be affecting the rest of the family? Do you find it difficult to solve issues together or spend time with each other? Our experienced family therapists can help families to move from being stuck in negative patterns of communicating with each other by creating a safe space for everyone to get their voices heard and to express their needs for each other.

Our therapists are trained to work with clients within different family and relationship structures. This can include, for example, blended families, single-parent families, LGBTQ+, and consensually non-monogamous partners. We do not believe that one type of relationship is superior to another as long as there is safety and equality in the relationship.

Family concerns
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