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Helping You
“I am so tired of feeling low…angry…lonely and sad…for so long”. We will help you with any emotional struggle and difficult issues in your everyday life to restore your hope, confidence, enjoyment in life and faith in yourself.

“Can my partner and I move from feeling hopeless and despairing to becoming hopeful, close and loving again?” Here at the EFT Clinic, we help couples reconnect, find hope and heal.
“Our harsh and relentless conflicts destroy the very fabric of the family life…” We will be your skillful guides in helping you to learn to have positive discussions and resolve differences together in a loving and forgiving way.

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Why Us?

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As skilled practitioners specialising in the renowned Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), we offer compassionate expert guidance towards Re-connection, Healing and greater life Success.

  • You will learn to end “endless” cycles of arguing and personal distress, and resolve important concerns in your life and relationship.
  • You will learn to recognise negative patterns of ‘blame-defend’ or ‘attack-withdraw’ in your relationship and re-navigate back into safe emotional connection, intimacy and positive functioning.
  • You become able to express your needs in a positive way and to be heard and truly understood by the other one.
  • You will learn to heal and move on from past hurtful events in your life and relationship, years of arguing and distress, and to quickly repair when disagreements emerge in the future.
  • EFT Clinic therapists are carefully selected practitioners, with extensive and continuing training in many therapeutic modalities, all trained in and predominantly using Emotionally Focused Therapy approach, fully insured and with years of experience in different settings.
  • Gulya Diyarova, Clinic director, is medically trained, ICEEFT Award-winning, one of the London’s leading clinicians and educators in Emotionally Focused Therapy.
Emotionally Focused Therapy

The approach

  • Built into Emotionally Focused Therapy approach is the science of human connection – how we reach for others and seek a Safe Haven and Secure Base with those most significant to us.
  • Brief therapy model (12 to 20-25 sessions), offering individuals, couples and families understanding and compassion for their life and relationship challenges and helping quickly get to the root of their struggle.
  • Unique to EFT is identifying the “negative cycle” of relationship or insecurities associated with personal distress. The cycle often includes repetitive arguing with no resolution, painful personal emotional attacks towards each other and unbearable periods of withdrawal and silence (“Find a Bad Guy” or “Freeze and Flee” cycle), or on a personal level easily triggered anger, anxiety or plunging into the ‘darkness’ of depression.


The Process:

  • Couples and families are quickly relieved to learn, in the 1st session, that their “enemy” is this cycle – not each other! They learn that, by understanding and defeating the cycle, they can begin the path to restoring their loving connection.
  • Individuals learn to regulate their own internal ‘cycle of distress’ and sense of failure and self-criticism triggered by their personal history, stress or negative view of self.
  • EFT model avoids blame by focusing on the unproductive negative patterns of interaction and each person’s positive desire to improve their life and/or relationship.
  • EFT is a gentle, compassionate approach that helps you be more open with each other and make your relationship safer.


The Results:

  • EFT has been applied to many different kinds of problems and diverse populations.
  • A history of success: After 12 to 20 sessions, 70 to 75% of people move from distress to recovery; 90% show significant improvement.
  • Long-lasting positive results in follow-up studies.
Let's Meet and Talk

Get in Touch to schedule an Assessment session with your therapist, and/or  a Free 20min initial Phone conversation prior to your therapy.

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Simple 3-step Process

How Does it Work?

Step 1:

Get in Touch by phone or via e-mail to schedule an Assessment session with your therapist to create your therapeutic plan together, On-line and/or F2F (needs to be PRE-PAID – go to Appointments).

We want you to know that you are not alone in your struggles. We encourage you to take the first step towards healing your relationship with your significant persons in your life and with yourself.

At the end of the Assessment session you decide if it feels right for you to continue with this particular therapist.

We also offer a brief free initial 20 minute phone conversation for any questions you may have prior to proceeding with you regular therapy.

Step 2:

Regular Therapy

You will continue working with your therapist, usually weekly at agreed time, as long as it is needed or agreed for, with you being in control over the course and duration of your therapy. You will have regular reviews along the way to see how your therapy is helping you and any needed adjustments.

Step 3:

Ending your Therapy

You will plan the therapy ending together with your therapist in advance. Usually, it happens organically when over the course of therapy you will get the sense of having achieved the changes you wanted for yourself and your relationship.

Schedule your appointment today!

Get in Touch to schedule an On-line or Face-to-Face Assessment session with your therapist about your personal, relational or family concerns, or a Free 20min initial phone conversation for any questions you may have prior to your therapy.

We are located in the famous Harley St Therapeutic district with excellent transport links and parking.

Individual Clinic therapists may be having their sessions at some other locations and/or On-line.

We are here to help, and we want to be the ones to help you!

Quality Standards

EFT Clinic therapists have been extensively trained in working with distressed individuals, couples and families on a wide range of emotional, relational and sexual concerns with different and challenging life stage transitions and kinds of relationships.

They are registered with the UK’s most reputable therapeutic institutions and follow and abide by their Code of Practice and Ethics.

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