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Author: Laura Vowels

You can take an individual out of the environment for therapy but you can’t take the environment out of the individual: A case for changing the environment with family therapy

10th June 2020
Individual therapy has dominated counselling and psychotherapy since the therapy profession began. Individuals are often given a diagnostic label (e.g. depression, anxiety, OCD) and the therapist then works to “cure”...

How can we support each other, and be supported, in the times of lockdown? Insights from a new relationship study.

6th May 2020
At the time of writing this blog post, I’m sitting in our back garden and enjoying what has been forecasted to be the last beautiful day for a while. It’s...

Coronavirus Update: We all need support now more than ever

24th March 2020
We are here to support you more than ever – just a click of a mouse or a phone call away! These are unprecedented and trying times for all of...

‘Homo vinculum’ – the one who bonds with others

25th February 2020
Homo vinculum’ – the one who bonds with others I had been trying to figure out what the first post for the EFT Clinic blog should be about for a...
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